Have an app idea but not sure where to start?
Does it need a boost?


Have an app idea but not sure where to start?
Does it need a boost?


In a sea of a million apps, it can be intimidating to know where to start. That’s why we created Project Booster.

Harnessing our team’s software development and project management expertise, Project Booster can help you plan, develop and launch your next app. Wherever you are in the process, Project Booster will partner with you to execute your vision.

Project Booster offers affordable and customized development plans to get your app off the ground. Our expertise in creating and launching Minimal Viable Product (MVP) apps utilizing Flutter and Firebase offers a clear entry-point for those ready to see their ideas put into action.

Project Booster can make your vision a reality in as few as six months at an affordable monthly rate. While surveys show that the average app costs $140K to develop, a typical Project Booster MVP will only cost $10-25K.

With Project Booster, we want to do more than create your app. We want to ensure yours goals are achieved and your app is successful.


Our four-phase process provides customers with a clear path from conception to launch.


Mission Control

Ideation & Scope

The goal of the Mission Control phase is to explore your vision and make it our mission.

During this phase, we will explore the needs of your target audience, discuss ideal functionality and develop a thorough scope of work. This scope of work includes white-boarding mock-ups, detailed specification documents, a plan for monetization and more.


Model Rocket

Design & Branding

During the Model Rockets phase, you will have the opportunity to see your app modeled through wireframes, mockups and visual renderings.

Professionally designed branding packages are also available.


Build and Test

Development & Testing
During the Build and Test phase, we will begin developing the app in earnest. Your app will be built with high quality modules and best practices to ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, we will work with you to thoroughly review and test the app prior to launch.



Launch & Post-Launch

Your vision now becomes a reality! Your app is released in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Project Booster will work with you to set up services for customer support and app maintenance. Additional enhancements and direct support are also available.


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